Over 100 years of experience in international shipping

Switijnk Shipping is a family company with over 100 years of experience in international seafaring. The company is a typical medium sized ship operator, involving multiple generations. Brothers, uncles, brothers-in-law, wives, daughters and sons are active as shareholder or in company positions. As a family business, the company strategy is targeted at maintaining long-term capital instead of short term profits. The company currently runs the MS Ameland and the MS Skylge, both 7.600 tns multi-purpose ships built in 2009. The extended family operates a total of 12 vessels, including offshore and inland water vessels.

The company is oriented to trade on Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic and Mediterranean routes, carrying raw materials, steel or piece and intermediate goods, amongst any other cargo, fitting in the tween deck equipped multi-purpose vessels. The vessels have an Ice Class strengthened hull.

Switijnk Shipping firmly believes in social entrepreneurship and offers an open and social climate on board, including even payment of Dutch, Russian and Cape Verdean crew members, the latter part of historic family ties.

Proud of our origins


Switijnk Shipping is a Dutch merchant shipper and one of several shipper families who are still actively engaged in maritime trade, contributing to the maritime economy which is key to the economic prosperity of Frisia, Netherlands and the European Union. Companies as Barkmeijer, Wagenborg and Bodewes are just some examples of the maritime legacy and current capacity of the maritime sector in the North of the Netherlands.

Due to long-term contracts, flexibility within the family and its niche market position, the company has succeeded in maintaining the ability to anticipate on market change. Switijnk Shipping always has had a long term focus to cater for a stabile family income and to be able to incorporate young new family members in its business.