Proud of our origins

Switijnk Shipping is a Dutch merchant shipper and one of several shipper families who are still actively engaged in maritime trade, contributing to the maritime economy which is key to the economic prosperity of Frisia, Netherlands and the European Union. Companies as Barkmeijer, Wagenborg and Bodewes are just some examples of the maritime legacy and current capacity of the maritime sector in the North of the Netherlands.

Captain of loyalty

Switijnk Shipping beliefs in sound and proper employership, investing in people by training and knowlegde transfer between generations. Seafaring and management on board is not just a matter of either following books or trust in automated navigation systems. Sailing a cargo from A to B in full consciousness of its value to clients and processing industries needs detailed knowledge about waves and currents in shipping lanes and near ports, weather and ice conditions and seamastership of the wheel, engines and rudders. Investing in people and maintaining proper labour conditions returns as loyalty, responsibility and quality of our staff on board. Switijnk Shipping maintains close ties with the families of its sailors in Cape Verde.

Roots for renewal

Due to long-term contracts, flexibility within the family and its niche market position, Switijnk Shipping has succeeded in maintaining the ability to anticipate on market change. The company has always had a long term focus to cater for a stabile family income and to be able to incorporate young new family members in its business. Anticipating on the needs of future generations and market change, Switijnk Shipping backs the sustainable transition of shipping in its future economic approach.