Switijnk Shipping is currently developing the first hybrid flettner freihter to be implemented in the commercial market. The FF8500 design is centered around a sustainable hybrid 8500 DWT Ice Class multi-purpose freighter with a single hold and tween deck. The hybrid concept aims to include:

FF8500 Flettner Freighter

  • Two Norsepower Rotor Sails (Flettner rotors)
    • testing with 30mx5m or 24x4m Rotor Sails
  • Hybrid engine, options:
    • Low carbon diesel/ low sulphur content fuels, MDO/ MGO/ HFO
    • LNG or LNG ready
    • Biofuels
    • Hydrogen (explorative)
  • Optimized hull design

Factsheet FF8500 Switijnk Shipping


Flettner rotors will add some Magnus effect drive to our conventional engines to get us forward

Streamlined hull design

Due to its streamlined design, we move away from pushing shoe boxes through our waters

Integrated design

Smart configuration enables us to optimise the design of the hull in combination with the rotors

Market ready

All technology is present. Why wait?

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